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Feature Counters, Partitions and Slatwall Boxes
Pictured: Two combined 36” Feature Counters (second image showing door open)
Name Feature Counter
Model# 04FC3642
Dimensions 36”wide 42”high 18” deep (At counter top) 16-1/2” deep (At cabinet face)

Model# 04FC4842
Dimensions 48”wide 42”high 18” deep (At counter top) 16-1/2” deep (At cabinet face)
Special Features European Style Construction, Two Adjustable Shelves, Melamine Cabinets with High Pressure Laminate Counter Top and Laminated Plywood Kick. Request any custom width.

Name Slatwall Feature (Acrylic Shelves Sold Separately)
Model# 04SF2442
Dimensions 24”wide 42”high 5-3/4” deep

Model# 04SF3242
Dimensions 32”wide 42”high 5-3/4” deep

Model# 04SF3642
Dimensions 36”wide 42”high 5-3/4” deep

Model# 04SF8442
Dimensions 96”wide 42”high 5-3/4” deep

Model# 04SF2484
Dimensions 24”wide 84”high 5-3/4” deep

Model# 04SF4884
Dimensions 48”wide 84”high 5-3/4” deep

Model# 04SF9684
Dimensions 96”wide 84”high 5-3/4” deep
Special Features Ships Flat. Assemble Frame, hang on wall and insert slatwall. Also, includes PVC tape for inserting into slot

Name Partition
Model# 04PA94FX (No top trim)
Dimensions 4”wide 94”high 14” deep

Model# 04PA94TR (Includes Black top trim)
Dimensions 4”wide 95-1/2”high 14” deep
Application Partitions are used to cap the ends of elements like Feature Counters, Runs of Wall Units and Slatwall Feature areas.

Name Corner Partition
Model# 04PC94FX (No top trim)
Dimensions 14”wide 94”high 14” deep

Model# 04PC94TR (Includes Black top trim)
Dimensions 14”wide 95-1/2”high 14” deep
Application Used to create a built out corner for Wall Units to butt into.

Name Double Partition
Model# 04PD94FX (No top trim)
Dimensions 26”wide 94”high 14” deep

Model# 04PD94TR (Includes Black top trim)
Dimensions 26”wide 95-1/2”high 14” deep
Application Used to create a bumped out section in a run of Wall Units for a peninsula to be built against.


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